Sunday, September 22, 2013

earth laughs in flowers.......

I know it's been a long time since I last posted on here.....I have missed this little place of mine very much!
I didn't plan to be away for this long, it was only going to be a week or two but then things get in the way.

The main thing that has kept me away from blogging is weight loss......I started I think in April, at a starting weight of 101 kilos I'm now at 72 I've spent from then till now eating healthy food and getting fit...i both look and feel much better mashallah!
I think I just felt I had to put all my heart and soul in to this....i didn't really want anything to get in my way.

                           I am however back and with some nice pictures of weekend crafting too!

                          I really enjoyed making this, it's simple but cute......well i think so anyway.
I have to admit that  weight loss has even kept me away from crafting and I have a lot of crafting and reading to catch up on!
I'm thinking of all the nice things I can make....i shall have to make a list of things to do over the next month, like that I'll have to get things done!

well I shall keep the first blog post back short and sweet....\i promise to blog again soon.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I have been....

Engaged for about two years now....this week however marks the end of this engagement!
Do I feel that the past two years has been a waste of  my time, No....everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad!

There is noting shameful about ending an matter how long it has gone on for, if two people are not right for each other then there is no point in going through with it....if you are already having problems and problems keep coming then you really need to step back and ask why, Is Allah trying to tell me something? is this the right man for me? am I the right woman for him?....this is something that I have thought long and hard about and in the end ,me and my parents just knew it was not meant to be.
I asked Allah taala to show me a sign and subhanallah he did.....each time I asked this something would happen or come in our way!

marriage is hard enough as it is I'm why would I go through with it when it so clearly was not working, it would only have made both me and him unhappy and would have created more hurt had we just gone along with it not better to admit we are not right for each other and move on find our own ways?

I think that sometimes you have to get something wrong in order to get it right....was I too fast to say yes?
I know for sure I didn't ask the things I should have!

But thinking positively I can take from this and make the next time better...I know better now then I did then, and inshallah next time it will work better too.

Everything is the Qadar of Allah and what is meant to be will be.....Allah knows what is best for us.
Now is the time to move on and get on with life....this I am greatly looking forward to!
This engagement was making me greatly unhappy and it was making look negatively at everything....on life on Hijrah on it all.
It's strange how one thing can make you look and think badly about so many other things!...but alhamdulillah life is already starting to look brighter.

I feel so much lighter now that all this is over, I feel like I can move on....take some time out to just think things feel good to not have to worry about it anymore!

Friday, April 26, 2013

With summer comes......

Nice fresh summery there anything better then a nice cool salad on a nice warm and sunny day?
This summer I would love to become more healthy....which means plenty of fresh vegetables lots of water and working out inshallah!

I always feel that summer is the best time to start a I'm just going to go for it!
 This here was A really nice and refreshing salad made by my sister.....she's much more daring then I am, the only kind of salad I would put oranges in our be one filled with loads of other fruits....I would not have ever thought of mixing it with onions, fennel and mustard....but I have to say that it was so delicious, the oranges we a little sour but it was really good!
It's an odd mix when you think about it...but it just somehow works, it all comes together to make one of the most flavoursome things I have ever tasted!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

our local Masjid....

I'm still enjoying my walks to and from the school....there is nothing better then some nice fresh air to make a person feel better after a weekend of feeling ill!

This is our local Masjid.....I have to say it's one of the best things about living in a Muslim country the fact that you have so many Masjids dotted about everywhere, I think we must hear about five different Adhans from our house alone ....some sound better then others though! But how beautiful is it to be able to hear all that from the comfort of your own home mashallah!

I have to admit that I do not use the masjid as often as I should, I mean it's one of the things we always complain about back in London there is not enough space for women...and here I am in a land of muslims perfectly able to use a masjid yet I just don' most I might pray salat al eid.....I have gone a handful of times for tarawih during ramadhan but that's it, even then I only went because I was asked to.

I think my problem is that I don't like being around so many this ramadhan I shall make more of an effort to go inshallah.....and it would be nice to go for jumuah inshallah!

If you have a nice masjid and you can use it why not.....after all is that not what Hijrah is all about...making more effort in your deen....I can say hand on heart that I have probably make less effort since moving here and that's sad but it's never to late to change right?

Saturday, April 20, 2013


This weekend has been a very quiet one, we all stayed at home and just got on with our own little things......I did some reading, thought about maybe crafting something.....although I haven't actually got my crafting things out yet it is only three in the afternoon so I still have some time.....not alot but I can maybe start something if I put my mind to it.
Mum bought me some thin crochet hooks so I will probably start a doily......

My day as always started with a nice hot cup of tea, I am totally British about my day, it does not start before I have had a nice cup of tea....most days it takes at least two pots before I even start to feel like a human....which is probably not the best thing seeming as the tea bags are almost all gone.....!

Apart from some dishes here and there I have not really done very much at all today....which is perfectly fine seeming as it is indeed the weekend....and that's sort of what the end of the week is for! 

 This is the view from one of our's a shame the weather isn't so clear today because when it is you can actually see the mountains and if you look close enough you can see houses on them too.
I like this view best at night when all the street lights are on.!

The house today smells so nice and sweet mashallah because my sister has spent all morning baking cakes they look and smell yummy mashallah!

Friday, April 19, 2013

A daily walk and some knitting...

This is our daily walk to and back from my little sisters's a walk I have come to love mashallah.
The walk to the school is nice and peaceful with nothing to interrupt my thoughts...I love seeing people just getting on with their lives,  shopping, walking with their children and talking to friends.

It was starting to look really nice mashallah....they were painting and cleaning the roads mashallah, I am a bit upset that they cut down all the trees along the main roads, the trees looked to pretty mashallah!
It does look a bit empty now but it doesn't make me enjoy the walk any less alhamdulillah!

I love look up at the houses it's not like in England ....not one house looks the same, they are all different sizes some look nice and modern and others look like they could do with a bit of love!
But it all adds to the character mashallah.
The weather is getting nice and hot mashallah and summer is well and truly on it's way....I have to say that it's probably one of the things I like best about living in Algeria...the fact that there are indeed four seasons!
The winter was not as hard or cold as it was last year....I am for ones looking forward to the summer and some nice light and sunny days insahallah!

And now time for some crafting pictures....I could jump for joy I'm that happy!
I have tried my hand at some knitting...I thought I would make up loads of little blocks and then stitch them all together to make a cover inshallah.
 I love the colour, nice and bright....just the right colour for a summer project!
It took me the best part of a week to start and finish this but doesn't it just look so pretty!
I now have two blocks one is in red, It's plain as I don't want too many patterns in the one cover....A few cute ones thrown in I think is the way to go inshallah......

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Out and about.....

This month has not been a very busy blogging month, however I do live in Algeria and this means....when it rains you can somewhat forget using the internet!

We have been out a few times this month, I don't think there is anything much nicer then being able to go out and spend time with friends and people you love!....I always think there is something so comforting about spending time with others, drinking tea and talking.

 We spent a peaceful day at my mums friends house...I always love going there, it's so calm and nice mashallah...and there is always something yummy to have with tea!
and plenty of nice things to look at too...I always feel so inspired to make things once I've come back home, after spending the whole day with my nose in some of these!

I actually after reading something in country living, have made a promise to me that I will make a rag rug this year inshallah! yup they just look so nice and homely....I need to make one for no other reason other then the fact that's pretty!

 This is the view from her's actually really sad because can you see all those white dots?
Those are graves...the whole hill is covered all over with them!
Whenever I go there I always take a moment to look.

If you take another look you might me able to see the Mosque....right at the top there!